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Five Commandments of Web Analytics

Mark Tosczak, senior account executive at RLF Communications, shared with me his top five tips for web analytics. And because I’m a giving person, I’m going to share them with you.

1. Your metrics shall be tied to your goals.

Every Facebook friend and pay-per-click should be tied to a big picture. Don’t do anything until you know WHY you are doing what you’re doing. Someone in a tie will eventually ask you this question and expect you to answer it within 3 seconds.

2. Evaluate results, not activities.

Pay more attention to click through rates than a mere presence on a site or social network

3. Thou shall understand the data.

Know what things like “hits” and “unique visitors” mean before you start throwing them out casually in conversation.

4. Don’t trust computers.

Computers are not very good at more qualitative and subjective measurements so use multiple evaluation methods in your research.

5. Always measure!

You can’t really beat Google Analytics in terms of free analytics tools.


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Solis’ Social Marketing Compass helps stray brands find true North

3987986119_01f18cc422-1OK, to those 50 (or so) percent who are not thinking before they tweet, take a second to look at the pretty picture to the left.

From the great makers of the Conversation Prism, Brian Solis and Jesse Thomas of JESS3, comes the brand new Social Marketing Compass.

This brightly colored information visualization illustrates how to cultivate a brand based on key emotions, channels, platforms and players.

According to Solis, the Social Marketing Compass points a brand in a physical and experiential direction to genuinely and effectively connect with customers, peers, and influencers, where they interact and seek guidance online.

In a technological era where tools are continually changing, we really cannot afford to voyage into the wilderness that is social marketing without at least a road map and compass at our side.

Media noise online and off is only going to get louder and some people will choose to combat it with a megaphone and good old-fashioned hollering (as we call it here in the South).

But—you and I are part of a very small and very smart few who know that the best remedy for noise is hanging on to what is constantly good and true. Honesty. Empathy. Sincerity. Are you with me? It’s a return to these virtues that should be the new building blocks for marketing. I think Solis is right on target with his very reminiscent model of the moral compass.

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