PR Week/MS&L releases social media survey results: Start strategizing!

So we know you’re good at uploading the latest pictures of your cat to Facebook, but what about doing something productive with your business?

The latest PRWeek/MS&L survey shows that 37% of respondents don’t use social media tools in their marketing efforts, 53% of those reporting that their biggest barrier to successfully incorporating social media is a lack of internal resources.

On top of that, 49% of the respondents that are using social media admitted that they don’t have a specific approach to using social tools (this is okay when you’re dealing with album #6 of Fluffy, not when it’s your corporate reputation at stake).

Now and especially in the years to come, social media will be an essential tool for branding, customer service, crisis control and sales. “Both business and communications are going through a revolution, if not a complete transformation,” says president of North America for MS&L Jim Tsokanos. “While it is more of a communications mind-grab today, in the future, social media will certainly be focused on business generation.”

The survey respondents said social media will have a greater impact on the following aspects over the next year or two:

Connection to customers (79%)
Building company or brand awareness (76%)
Generating sales and revenue (63%)
Increasing or maintaining market share (62%)
Managing corporate reputation (61%)
Managing stakeholder opinions of the company or its brands (48%)

If this is the future, I suggest we start strategizing.

Here are good resources for social media ROI and metrics and social media strategy.



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2 responses to “PR Week/MS&L releases social media survey results: Start strategizing!

  1. andersj

    Nifty delivery of key points. Good sharing and linking. Optimal value given!

  2. steveearley

    I agree that companies have some work to do. What stood out to me from the survey is that they aren’t using social media enough for what it’s best at: listening to their customers and acting on that feedback. Dave Parsons commented on my blog earlier that his research produced a similar conclusion.

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