5 reasons videos go viral

Chances are you have passed along the link to your favorite YouTube video to at least one unsuspecting loved one or cubicle neighbor. But why? (Don’t think too hard. I’m going to tell you).

Top 5 reasons videos go viral

1. Relevance

A video generates vast appeal when it becomes culturally significant to its intended audience (or sometimes unintended audience). This is dependent on its meaning to particular demographics based on age, race, gender etc. Timeliness is also a key factor in relevance.

2. Emotional Response

The viewer must indentify with the video content in order to appreciate it. The video must have a human-interest appeal that allows audience members to personally connect with the subject matter. Emotional reactions can range from shock and awe to love and nostalgia—anything to get people talking.

3. Innovation

With today’s media noise, videos have to be unique and creative in order to be viral. Blaze a new trail or at least add a fresh perspective to something familiar.

4. Quality Presentation

Viral videos are short and high quality (lighting, camera steadiness, volume). The best content is genuine and oftentimes inspiring.

5. Multiplatform Accessibility and Malleability

In order for something to be spreadable, it must be easily accessed and shared. Videos have to adapt to fit TV, mobile phones, blogs and multiple social networks in addition to YouTube. Let go of control and allow viewers to manipulate your work in a way that best suits their changing needs.

What is your favorite viral video? Why?

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