3 Ways to Increase Interactivity in TV and Film

Ok, coach potatoes – you can run but you can’t hide. TV and film are on the fast track to interactivity.

3 Ways to Increase Interactivity in TV/Film

  • Let life imitate art (or vice versa)
    • It’s important to stay grounded in current social and online media trends. Encourage viewers to become content producers in a way never before thought possible.
    • Example: For those of you who watched The Office wedding last night, you might have noticed the “You Tube” scene at the end of the show. The wedding party very closely imitates a popular wedding video where the attendants dance down the aisle. Michael Scott even goes so far as to say “Did you see this on You Tube?” (It has received more than 24 million hits already). Did I mention that you can watch the show for free on the NBC Web site?
  • Use mobile interactive TV services
    • Engage audiences with text voting and polling, live chats, quizzes, contests and games that involve viewers through mobile devices.
    • Example: NetInformer partnered with WB20 to launch a text message TV contest where viewers who watched King of the Hill were prompted to play an interactive quiz via text for a chance to win $50.000. Each participant also received a mobile coupon for a free candy bar, which 20% of participants chose to download. 43% of participants also opted-in for future WB20 offers.
  • Create online demand
    • By putting power in the hands of the audience, you are instantly making them feel more invested in the film (and therefore more likely to purchase tickets, DVDs, etc).
    • Example: It’s not my favorite film genre, but the latest low-budget independent film Paranormal Activity is using a very unique marketing campaign by encouraging people to go online to “demand” a nationwide release for the movie. Paramount has promised to release it if it receives one million demands, giving it the tagline “the first ever major film release decided by you.” Site visitors can retweet, share or link the information and even buy tickets in advance (it’s already a trending topic on Twitter).

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  1. andersj

    Your columns (aka blog posts) are always high-value. This is enjoyable and informative. You should definitely be providing links to the content, though. It’s easy to do. Let your audience click over to see the info on “Paranormal,” etc. Get those links going!

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