Good examples of interactivity from Ellyn Angelotti of Poynter Institute

In a recent interview with Ellyn Angelotti, interactivity editor at the Poynter Institute, she created a quick list of her preferred tools and examples of interactivity that I would like to share with you.

Here’s a sampling:

  • Utterli
    • The great thing about Utterli is that you can upload posts from your phone to your blog, Twitter, Facebook  or any other site. Upload and share text, pictures, video and audio all from a mobile device.
    • I don’t think Twitter needs an introduction. But for anyone who has been purposely living under a rock, Twitter is a free, micro blogging service that is currently sweeping the world.
  • Mixed
    • This is a free collaborative online writing tool where people join together to write things like petitions, mission statements and news articles. You can add your own original ideas, mix up other’s opinions, or read and rate on posts on your favorite subject.
  • YouTube Video Your Vote:
    • This is a really interesting use of interactivity on a YouTube channel. I expect to see a lot of more of this being done in the future.
  • HBO Imagine:
    • This interactive site is part of the HBO Imagine campaign that illustrate to viewers that stories are dependent of perspective. The online story includes 41 videos, audio files, news stories, letter and images that users can navigate through.

Though these are effective examples of popular interactive media, Ellyn warns journalists from gathering information solely from these tools. “Let social networks be your first step, but not your last step,” she says. “It’s our responsibility as journalists to go through the vetting process.” She adds that journalists have to become “Swiss army knives” in order to adapt and contribute to today’s changing media.


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