Top 10 Reasons Why We Will Love Google Wave

In case you haven’t heard, Google sent invitations to a privileged 100,000 users to test a beta version of the new Google wave this week.

Since most of us can’t get our hands on it (unless you’re one of those people buying invites off eBay), it’s hard for us to fathom the mega-watt shared desktop that is the Wave.

So I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 reasons why we should anxiously await our turn at the Wave.

Top 10 Reasons Why We Will Love the Wave

  1. No more keeping up with multiple usernames, avatars, sites and passwords. Wave is a combination of all your e-mail, instant messaging, blog, wiki, multimedia management and document sharing – all in one consolidated web-based application.
  2. We can enjoy what we love about IM without feeling like we’re 15 years old. Wave can be a real-time conversation where any user can see what is being said instantly – even as it is being typed.
  3. Hopefully we’ll suffer through fewer long-winded mid-day meetings around the conference table. The Wave offers real-time collaborative document editing and sharing between users. We’re talking collective intelligence at a whole new level. This could completely change the way businesses function, or the way journalists gather and create content in the future.
  4. No longer will you have to resend emails because you forgot to attach a document (the very reason you sent the email in the first place). Users can drag and drop files inside the wave and everyone participating will have instant access to any added media. People (well, Google people at least) are positioning Wave as the email of the 21st century.
  5. The Wave functions like a fast-paced wiki, where anyone can edit anything at anytime. Users can add, correct and change information throughout the entire wave to present collaborative data. The playback function lets you read through every comment made on a wave.
  6. Gamers and app addicts won’t be left out. Developers can build their own applications into the wave, including complex games and bots.
  7. Wave conversations can be embedded on any blog or Web site for easy public publishing online.
  8. It is open source, allowing for better innovation and adoption by developers.
  9. Not to worry, Wave autocorrects spelling and provides automatic language translations.
  10. This doesn’t have to replace your blog. Add a wave to your posts to show readers what you’ve been working on with others or to allow others to get involved in a conversation with you.  This will eventually increase participation in your blogging.

Though Wave won’t be available to the public until the end of the year, I’m curious what you’re thinking about it.

Would it be a helpful way to increase productivity in your daily life? Is it too much?


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